What We Believe

whatwebelieveWe are a group of believers in Jesus Christ who believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

We believe that the Bible reveals to us that God is the holy and just Creator of the universe.

We believe that all people have sinned and are guilty before God. The penalty for sin is death; both at the end of this life and eternally in hell. We also believe that God, because of His great mercy and love for men, sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross. Now people can be forgiven of sin, restored to a good standing before God, and be given eternal life by placing their faith in Jesus and believing the Gospel. The Gospel is that Jesus is the Son of God, He lived a sinless life, died in the place of sinners on the cross, and rose again from the grave.

Those who have placed their faith in Christ and become Christians now enjoy a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ and have the privilege of making Him known in the world.


Our Core Beliefs are summarized in the New Hampshire Confession of Faith that can be read in full by clicking here.